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Digital photography services for artists
by Joe Mikuliak

1. Digital photographs can be taken of any artwork when they are also in my studio for regular photography.
  I usually take a 9MB TIFF file and a small JPEG file.
  The files will be delivered to you on a CD.  
  The digital photographs will be ready to look at on your computer.
Cost is $3 per item (or my hourly rate for 3D artwork) plus a $25 charge for the CD.
2. Your own page can be created and put on the World Wide Web to see and to send other people to see.
I will design a one page presence for you and your artwork.
You can have 3 of your images and several lines of text on your page.

The internet address will be

Cost is $99 for the design, page creation, upload, and one year on the internet.
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