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The best person to photograph your own artwork is YOU, the artist. For this reason Joe has been doing a "demonstration and class" for artists on this subject since 1988.

This is the information you need to take good photographs of your 2D and 3D work to submit to juries, show to galleries, and/or put in your portfolio. The camera technique demonstrated is useful for people who use digital cameras, take slides, or have only color film and get color prints back from a lab.

The talk and demonstration is for painters, sculptors, and artists who work with paper or textiles. You can ask about a specific material or a hard challenge, i.e. jewelry or shooting through glass, and Joe will to try to answer. He just asks for no questions about how to operate a specific camera.

Joe starts by talking about photography outdoors. This is how to spend the least amount of money for equipment, but has drawbacks so he also covers working indoors with tungsten lights and a camera that has manual exposure control. He covers evaluating the histogram and using the graycard.

Joe also shares "professional", advanced techniques on how to photograph art in galleries, paintings in frames, etc.

The last "demonstration and class" was at the Fleisher Art Memorial, in Philadelphia on Feb. 18, 2010.

Email joe if you would like to know when the next class is or if your art group would like to sponsor it.

Joe's teaching technique is to demonstrate the equipment, present information, and review his handout. Because many attendees are already photographing their own artwork,there has always been time for some lively discussions that have been educational for all.

Click here for the how-to hand-out from a previous class (Adobe reader required.)