This is a letter to the editor about the Iraq war. Afterwards is another letter written six months before the war started.

We live in a representative democracy. It should represent you. So write your Congressman.

March 30, 2003

Day 10 of Iraq war

Letters to the Editor

The Philadelphia Inquirer


Dear Editor,

I quote your front-page analysis printed on day 5 of the Iraq war: "The outcome of the war is not in doubt." Your reporter, Joseph L. Galloway, seems to equate winning the war to winning battles. Didn't he learn anything from Vietnam?

Win the battles, inflict terrible damage everyday, and pay in blood for the occupation of a foreign country. Do not expect the government to bring our troops home for Christmas.

I prefer a better ending. One where the people who condone torture, classify prisoners of war as criminals, and start a pre-emptive war, lose the next election.

Whatever the outcome of the war, "winning" in Iraq does not solve our problems in America.


Joe Mikuliak

September 20, 2002


As far as we know, Iraq did not attack us on 9-11 or at any other time. President Bush wants us to attack them first.

In 1948 some right-wing politicians wanted us to drop the atom bomb on the Russians to prevent that "axis of evil" from developing their own atom bomb. But the Russians never used the bomb to kill anyone.

And just like with Russia, an attack on Iraq will have unpredictable consequences. Like if Hussein does have chemical and biological weapons (which he is not using now) and we attack him first, will he fight back with all he has at his disposal? The CIA thinks he might do that.

Will Congress think about more Americans dying before they vote on what is really a declaration of war against Iraq?

Will Congress consider the thousands of Iraqi men, women, and children who live under this miserable dictator and may be killed in our attacks? What about the hatred of the U.S. our attacks will provoke in the world? Will America really be safer if we start a war with Iraq?

The Iraqi risk is not immediate. War should be the last option. War can be disastrous and cannot be undone. The policy of inspections, containment, and deterrence has less risk to all people.

I hear the drums beating to call us to war. But it will come to no good to give President Bush the power to attack Iraq now for sure to prevent a possible war with them in the future. America has been a peace-loving country because peace works. Let us not change that about America.


Joe Mikuliak


(Sculpture by Robert Arneson)

The face of war stares at friends and enemies. Write your representative now.