Digital Photography and how artists are using the new medium.

Follow the links to examples of high quality digital photography.

Indigene wanted to e-mail pictures of her paintings.

See 2 of her paintings.


The technology has arrived to make high quality, accurate, digital photographs of artwork in a time efficient, low cost, manner.


I predict that within the next year or two half the artists I work for will have digital photographs made whenever they have slides taken of their artwork.

Click here for prices


The results are better, faster, cheaper, and more reliable than leaving one's slides somewhere to have them scanned.

Compare digital vs. scanning slides


I deliver a CD with a large 9MB tiff file and a small jpeg file of each artwork photographed.

See them compared


These digital photographs can be seen on any computer that can see images.


My CD is both MAC and "IBM-PC" compatible.


Artists are using my digital photos and their computer to print their own announcements, build their own websites, or share their work with others.


No one has said that they want digital photos to print out and make composites of their works, use in a brochure, or send photos of their work to a gallery or museum on a disk.


But I am sure artists are thinking about it.


Lynne Mikuliak wanted to examine a very large version of her work on the computer monitor.

See the very large version.

Andrew Turner's paintings can be seen on his website.

See his "Musicians" site.

Shelly Dinkin needed digital files to print out cards on a digital printer.

See her "frames" web page

Celia Reisman has a digital album of photographs of her show to see on her monitor, print out, or e-mail.

See the album.

Copyright held by each artist. They reserve all rights.
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